Life’s greatest questions have always been; Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?

When it comes to the second where we come from makes up a huge portion of our identity and, like us, where we come from has an identity of its own to maintain. It is for this reason that most states, territories, shires and towns have their own unique logo – something to capture their identity and share it with locals and visitors alike.



(Baw Baw Shire Council, n.d.).

The Baw Baw Shire council logo is a fairly safe and simple logo. It’s neat and tidy and places emphasis on where you are – with the big bold Baw Baw leading the line. The colours used are symbolic of the area. The red soil of the volcanic Strzelecki ranges, the green in betweens of the pastures in the valleys and the dark green figure of Mt. Baw Baw itself with a peak that rests peacefully above all that surrounds it. The design has one simple purpose – to capture the essence of the hills and mountains in which it frequents and act as  “…a unifying symbol” (Glickfield 2010, p. 31).


(Latrobe City, n.d.).

In Glickfield’s On Logophobia (2010) she explains that “logos increasingly have to communicate an ethos rather than something figurative or literal, the designer’s task is to give form to abstract values, concepts and attitudes in a single mark” (2010, p. 27). This can be seen in the more modern, abstract looking logo for Latrobe City which looks to cash in on the abundance of coal mines and power stations in the area. The bold typeface on Latrobe gives it the main focus and the eye is directed by (what appears to be) a cooling tower.

Both logos identify and define the areas that they represent – but unlike a larger more densely populated and well known area (such as Melbourne) – this may only be seen in full to eyes of a local. A weary traveller who had just drifted into town with no knowledge of the area would be forgiven for just seeing  a collection of assorted shapes and colours.


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