To whom it may concern,

My name is William Colvin and I am writing to you on behalf of IDE India – a not for profit organisation which creates and develops sustainable market for low cost irrigation technology.

IDEI follows the approach of using donor funds to build grass root entrepreneurs to stimulate a sustainable & free market which is why we would like you to consider sponsoring further production of the KB Bamboo Treadle Pump.

The pump itself is a foot operated reciprocating type positive displacement pump which is used to draw water from shallow tube wells. It can be used on any manner of crops, from foodstuffs to flowers, and can be easily constructed and operated by local farmers for up to 10 years.

Funding for this project not only provides the local farmers with a means to facilitate their work but also stimulates the local and international economies and further capitalises on the rapid growth coming from an emerging market.

With your hep IDEI can not only improve the lives of farmers in dry areas but the global population as a whole by encouraging economic growth and better use of natural resources.

We thank you for your consideration.


William Colvin



IDEI. (2016). Retrieved from



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