What was the most interesting weekly topic we covered in this subject this semester and why?

All of the topics covered in this semester were interesting in their own way, and while I enjoyed many, the most interesting would have to be Week 11 when we covered Design for Nature – I particularly enjoyed the ideas presented by Marris in Rambunctious Garden that nature is everywhere, not just out there in the wilderness somewhere as is the common perception.

Would you say that this was the topic about which you learned the most, or was that another week? Please explain your view.

I wouldn’t say that there was a great deal of learning on this topic as I found myself building more of an appreciation for Marris’ expressed opinion. The topic in which I learnt the most, having not done a unit of design before, would have been Week 3 on Communication Design Activism.

Which set text or weekly reading did you find most interesting in this unit? Can you see yourself seeking out more of the author/s work or by other authors on the topic?

Ann Thorpe’s Defining Design as Activism was the reading that I found most interesting. Since reading this passage I have already done further research and looked for further works by and related to this and could see myself doing so again going forward with this course.

Which activity/task did you enjoy the most? Which activity/task was the most useful in building your academic skills?

The most enjoyable task for me was Week 10 – Cradle to Cradle thinking – looking at the Detroit Wallace Guitars. Being a musician the combination of a subject that I am passionate about and a weekly topic I found it quit easy to get motivated and write a piece. The week on referencing, assuming that I did it correctly, was easily the most useful in building my academic skills.


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