“Nature is carefully managed national parks and vast boreal forest and uninhabited arctic. Nature is also the birds in your backyard.” (Marris 2011, p. 2)

When it comes to backyards it doesn’t get much better than seeing this on your doorstep. In Rambunctious Garden Marris explains that nature comes with a preconceived notion that a wholesome environment is somewhere far away – like that which would be seen on a post card or documentary. How easy this point is to understand then when you can walk outside your front door and see this majestical landscape.

“We can marvel at the diversity of life and fight its disappearance, even if that diversity occurs in unfamiliar places. We can find beauty in nature, even if signs of humanity are present. We can see the sublime in our own backyards, if we try.” (Marris 2011, p. 3)

This stunning sunset image was captured from the window of the Hotel Steyne in Manly as my wife and I sat watching the world go by. On the surface this image shows an ecosystem where remains of the natural world narrowly avoid complete eradication by poking their heads out through the gaps in the brick pavement. Underneath this environment is just as unnatural to the Australian coastline as the Europeans who introduced it.


Marris, E. (2011). Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-wild World, Bloomsbury, New York

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